A weekend away

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Here’s another adventure (the first, actually) about the gang from “Happy Birthday, Valerie.” It was inspired by a conversation I was having with some friends about our ideal road trip and by a word prompt from StoryaDay.org that tasked us with writing a story in the format of a list.

To Do/Itinerary

Key people: Brooke, Sonya, Valerie, and me.

Goal: to have a great girls’ weekend away

Note to self: the others will laugh at this document, especially the 24-hour clock, so keep it hidden, but close.


0800     See the kids off on the school bus.

0900     Pick up the rental car.

Load w/my bag and cooler.

0930     Pick up Brooke. 

Please let her be in a good mood.

0945     Pick up Sonya. 

Make sure Sonya gets the front seat so she doesn’t squabble with Valerie the whole way there.

1015       Pick up Valerie. 

Pray she hasn’t overpacked as usual. 

Hit the road. 

Turn around because Valerie forgot her charger cable and that’s all she’ll talk about if we don’t go back for it. 

Hit the road again

1215-ish Stop for lunch somewhere. 

Preferably a place where they have vegetables other than potatoes.

1330      Back on the road. 

Tactfully suggest Val and Sonya switch spots, just for a change in company.

1500      Arrive at Owl Tree B&B in Prince’s Cove, check-in. 

Make sure Brooke’s room is on the main level, so she can slip outside for yoga.

Make sure Sonya has a lake view.

Make sure Val’s room has a fridge and DVD player.

Make sure I’m not right next to any of them.

1540    Explore Prince’s Cove. 

Don’t forget to look for local yarn for Julie’s sweater. 

Brooke wants to check out the stationary shop on Brock Street

Pick up: Snacks, Rental DVDs – no dramas unless it’s Dirty Dancing or Footloose. 

Let Sonya pick the wine, she had the best taste

1800    Dinner at Prince’s Cove Inn. 

Reservation is in my name. Try their fish and chips

2030    Pajama party in Val’s room

????      Bedtime. 

I love these women like sisters, but come hell or high water, I will sleep in my own bed.


0830     Breakfast at Owl Tree if not too hungover.

0930     Breakfast at Owl tree if hungover. 

Even if I have to drag everyone out of bed kicking and screaming.

1030      Leave for the day. 

Don’t forget the picnic lunch made by Owl Tree!

Pick up ice for cooler on the way. And maybe some Gatorade, and extra Advil, just in case.

1100       Tour of the Cow Patch Dairy

Pray the smell of manure is manageable.

Sample their blue, if it’s good, get some for Jake.

Valerie will want to pet the cows.

1230       Picnic at Iris Beach Park

If sunny, go swimming, if raining, don’t. Either way, bring towels.

Sonya will want to paint, regardless.

1430       Tour of Cool Bleats Farm

Meet sheep, see about local wool.

Valerie will also want to pet the sheep.

SAMPLE and likely pick up manchego, Osaypek, and feta.

1700       Back to Owl Tree

For the love of God, put the cheese in the fridge.

Check-in with home.

1830       Dinner at the Snowman’s Nose cafe

Brooke’s choice, she’s usually on the nose about these things (ha!)

2100       Karaoke at the Legion Hall

Try to make sure Sonya doesn’t get too drunk and sing Total Eclipse of the Heart. If she does anyway, get it on video to show her kids.

Make sure Brooke and Valerie don’t fight over the DJ.

Hope they can make a decent Caesar.

????         Stagger back to Owl Tree, collapse into respective beds.

Are we getting too old for this shit? Nah. Make sure I set my alarm before we go for dinner, though.


????         Breakfast or Brunch at Owl Tree

Depends on the time.

Make sure everyone gets up, especially Sonya.

1300        Check-out by this time

Remember the cheese in the fridge!

Get more ice, and water for the trip home.

Make sure everyone has everything, except the empties. We’ll leave those.

1430        Pit-stop for anyone who’s awake

1630        Wake up and drop off Valerie

Wake up her, that is…if I’m sleeping and driving, we’ve got worse problems.

1700        Drop off Sonya

1715         Drop off Brooke

1730         Meet Jake at the car rental place. Return car put keys in dropbox

1740         Home

Collapse, and consider calling in sick the next day.

Someone else can plan the next one.

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