About me

A black and white photo of a white woman with shoulder length hair and glasses. She is looking off to her right.

Jessica Allyson is a pen name derived from a fictitious twin. When my mother was pregnant with me, the doctor was convinced that I was actually twins because I was clearly taking up a bit of space. Since it was the 1970s at the time, ultrasounds were primitive, and therefore no help. So, my parents had to prepare for the possibility of two newborns, which meant scrambling for a second name.

During the day, I work for a national members association, at night, I unleash my trivia-loving choir-singing fangirl self. I live in Ottawa, with my husband and our cats, who are our most vocal critics.

Right now I mainly write haiku, and I’ve been fortunate to have had some published. I’m still very much at the early stages, so I approach it with a beginner’s mind.

I’ll try to post something towards the end of every month. Anything on top of that is sprinkles.

You can follow me on Facebook at Jessica Allyson Writes. Or on Twitter at @jallysonwrites . Or on my new Instagram account.

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